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Welcome to ZumbaFunFit


Join us for a Party Zumba class Monday Feb 25th 7pm at CP Arena as we regretfully say goodbye to Zumba instructor Kiki who is moving to Kingston.

New comers to ZumbaFunFit - drop-in is waived for the first class. For all other drop-ins the cost is $7 for this special Zumba event for non-session students.

Welcome Julie
We’d like to welcome Julie to our Zumba Team! Julie is an experienced Zumba instructor who is fired up for our new spring session launching in March alongside Trina and Louise!

Spring Session 2019
The spring session is a total of
8 classes from March 4th to May 15th (March break excluded).

Special Early-Bird Pricing if registered on/before Friday March 1stth is $42 with minimum $10 deposit this week. More details here...

See our schedule often for updates.

Louise, Trina


See updates and class Calendar.

New to Zumba® ?

If you’re looking for fun classes, friendly people, a place to feel like you fit in and can't wait to come back to, this is the place for you! We’re a diverse community of "real" women (and an occasional man!) who enjoy spending their well-deserved me time dancing, sweating, laughing and remembering that who we are on the inside is what really counts.

Never taken a dance fitness class before? Haven't worked out in a while? No worries. We welcome beginners and every class is a judgement-free zone -- that means no judging yourself, either! If you’re ready to stress less and dance more, why not start today. We can’t wait to meet you! .

It takes 2-3 classes to be comfortable when starting.

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Call 613-253-1746 or email Louise to get started now!


Tried Zumba® before?

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Have a look at our overview below. It shows some of our classes and events.
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    Founder Louise Parry (left) & Trina Parry
    Welcome to ZumbaFunFit, founded in 2008. Join with us to get fit with fun and Zumba®.

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    CP Arena Upper Hall

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    Toning with Zumba® Toning Sticks

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    Stage helps to see instructors

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    Instructors team teaching !

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    Dance Styles Latin as well as Bollywood and Belly dance!

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    Fund Raiser Fun: ZumbaFunFit Cancer Research Fund Raiser.

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    Gals of Halloween

  • 9

    Gold Zumba® Lower intensity but lots of fun moves.


More photos and videos are in our Gallery.

Updates:February 22, 2019 08:00

Join us for a Party Zumba class Monday Feb 25th 7 to 8 pm at CP Arena as we say goodbye to Zumba instructor Kiki. We will have several amazing instructors and a fun favorites playlist!