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Rockin Party. Rock Hard Body.

From Zumba.com:

"When it comes to body sculpting, Zumba® Toning raises the bar (or rather, the toning stick). Learn how to use lightweight, maraca-like Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and tone all the target zones, including arms, abs and thighs. Zumba® Toning is the perfect way to sculpt your body naturally while having a total blast."sculpt_tone

See this video for a glimpse of Zumba® Toning.

Toning moves are also called body sculpting. The format is Zumba® songs to warm up then the toning sticks are added for the special toning routines.

We recommend using the sanded Zumba® Toning Sticks (1 1/2 lb. and 2 1/2 lbs) rather than your own weights since they do make a sound and are designed for our choreography.

The weights are optional since the moves are doable without.